The Nonbinary Carrie Bradshaw

"In a time that is especially challenging right now, having access to art that brings to life what queer folx are dealing with and how they survive in an unforgiving time and city is especially important" – Luna Luna Mag


The Nonbinary Carrie Bradshaw is a fiction podcast about four queer and trans friends dating, crying, and waiting for the subway in New York City. Created and starring Grace Joshua Byron, Anna Fieldmann, Myrrh Crow, and Alana Ruiz. Produced by Adam Cecil and Grace Joshua Byron. Logo by Emily Tat. Music by Johnny Darlin. Four episodes out now of a total of eight episodes. 



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Grace Joshua Byron

Anna Fieldmann

Myrrh Crow

Alana Ruiz

Alfredo Franco

Ali Glembocki

Taylor Beals

Kevin Nichols

Sam Campbell

Jovough Jackson


Cosimo Pori

Adam Cecil

Griffin Leeds

Yasmin Carden

Wil Raterman

Tim Kov

Hanna Israel

Minga Franco

Mark Meneses 

Gnat Bowden

Thomas Baldwin

Myles Webb

Ash Turner

Dylan Marron