Witch In The Orchard, 10'07

Narrative piece starring myself, Mitchel Fee, Kimberly Cook, and Lily Lalios. Cinematography by Marie Richardson. Follows a college student having an affair with a TA as they go to an orchard and things get surreal and disappointing rather quickly. Premiered at the ONION Film Festival in Bloomington and screened at NO BULLSHIT at the Fuller Projects in 2016. 

Lonely Orbits, 9'10

Follows a gay student filmmaker trying to finish a piece while fending off a well-meaning but rather rude fellow filmmaker. Starring myself, Clay Catlin-Filippelli, Casey Gregonen, Lily Lalios, Tova Zimm with Cinematography by Adam Smith and Rachel Rosenstock. Premiered at the Crimson Film Festival in Bloomington in 2015 and screened in NO BULLSHIT at the Fuller Projects in 2016. 


Pedestrian, 6'10

The beginning of the confessional films. A hookup goes awry and turns into a discussion about spirituality. First film I appear in, co-starring Hunter Huddleston. Cinematography by Mia Torres. Premiered at the Iris Film Festival in Bloomington in 2016 and at Clouds and Other Louds in 2020. 


Queer Yet Godly, 3'15

The film I wish was my first, but what I'm counting as the beginning of my better offerings to the world. A 16mm educational film reel bleached and painted on with sharpies. Abstract and lyrical, it attempts to understand spirituality and sexuality as non-competing pieces of a whole. Premiered at the Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival in 2015, and subsequently showed as part of the Indiana Student Showcase also in 2015, the Bloomington Pride Film Festival in 2018, and shorts curated by Tess Wagman in 2020 on Quaran.tv.