The Water In My Body, 2'55 from You Were Hard 2 Find USB

The first piece made for the You Were Hard 2 Find suite of videos that were shown at my solo show of the same name.  The ten videos were also sold as a limited run USB. All are lyrical and abstract confessional videos that sort through ideas of vulnerability, emotional respect, break-ups, pain, and that one ex of mine who was an anarchist farmer. But really- they serve to discuss how to be present in one's own life and the universal ideas that come after a break up reorients you. This piece in particular discusses being broken and feeling thinly protected. Shown publicly in the Crimson Film Festival, the IUPUI Mini Festival, at the Dungeon, and the Art From The Margins Feminist Association Art Show- all in 2016. IT also screened as part of Does the Moon Have Friends? in 2017 at the Wells Screening Room, as part of Clouds and Other Louds in 2019 and as part of "wild geese: films by joshua byron" in 2020. You Were Hard 2 Find was a group of ten videos, another video was screened at the Indiana University Digital Open Studios. 


I'm So Vain, 21'04

An experimental narrative video told in a group of vignettes. Each vignette imagines narcissism and selfhood as representational in different ways. From queer apocalypses to tea with gay ghosts, each character becomes linked through ideas of confession and being on the brink of self-actualization. Cast recurs and so do some characters. Starring myself, Clay Catlin-Filippelli, David Fritz, Reilly Gallogly, Kimberly Cook, and Sab Corrine. Produced by Alexandra Davie and Cinematography by Marie Richardson. Premiered at the Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival in 2016 and showed as part of "Not Quite Sprouts" in 2016 and as part of "wild geese: films by joshua byron" on in 2020. 


Dear men, dear women, 7'35

A short made-for-internet video on newhive about coming out as nonbinary and understanding the way public spaces do and don't work for people who are considered other- and the way hierarchies of other are constructed. Mixes dramatization, dancing, stills, and text. Shown as part of Petal Tears, a digital and IRL art show curated by Jen Byers and as part of look in my eyes: show me your teeth both in 2016. 

Mercy, 13'15

A long experimental video that was pulled from Youtube due to Judy Garland copyright infringement. Features a mix of text, long takes of phone calls and tears, as well as, what else?, dancing. 

Mountains 2 Climb, 5'18

A short experimental video mixing text, dancing, weird lighting, and remixes of Life Is Just a Bowl Of Cherries by Judy Garland.