Idle Cosmopolitan, Available Now in 20 Short Parts

A ghost story about the Queer World and a relationship advice writer. The piece is very DIY and was made in community and tandem with a lot of trans folks including trans poets Simon Simone Defeo and Prairie M Faul as well as a staffer (Stella Shaffer) for Trans Life Line. This communal effort is a big part of my artist practice and I think shows in the result. On paper the series is about a relationship writer confronting ideas of heteropatriarchy and their own feelings on love who ends up going into "the Queer World" and exploring a sort of mythology that deals with ideas of homonormativity, love, ghosts, and fate. The piece was financed by Artless Media, a film company run out of California by Russell Sheaffer and co-stars Annie Magan, Ben Douglas, Marie Richardson, Milly Cai, and Molly Soda. I could get really poetic here and discuss going to bodegas to get seltzer water, but this is in the words of a Julie 83, "a queer anti-pastoral" or in the words of Les Duffield, "all the mystique of a forest bath without any of the excessive veneer of a promise of transcendence". Religious PhD Student Josie Wenig notes the parallels of "queer monasticism/queer baptisms" in this tweet. This is all a fancy way to say, gender is abstract, spirituality is fluid. See the full cast in crew via the credits, which feature everyone's pronouns at the time of making. Idle Cosmopolitan was re-issued by Glo Worm Press in April 2018 and has screened in Bloomington at Planet 9, in Indianapolis at Cathead Press, at A*Space in Sarah Lawrence, at Bennington College, at NG2BC in New Haven, at the Homo Hotel in Philadelphia, as part of Forge Mag Presents at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn, in the Galloway Rooftop Film Festival in Brooklyn, at Kent in Canterbury, URI Gender and Sexuality all in 2017 and 2018 as well as part of "wild geese: films by joshua byron" on in 2020. 


i am a sad but hopeful creature, 5'46

A vlog about optimism and pessimism I made while taking care of a cat whose owner died tragically of cancer. Shown as part of Life Hack in South Harrow, UK in 2017 and as part of Hot Gay Intel in 2018. 

that awkward moment wen you realise you calld a guy babe, 3'55

A vlog about trying to understand the weird periods between things. Between moves, between cities, between friends. What do we do in these weird times? How do we orient and arrange our lives? 

you tell me to loosen up and enjoy myself, 5'37

A vlog about intimacy in a variety of tones: partly comic teacher, partly wispy sadness, partly serious. Like most vlogs- it raises more questions than it answers and tries to point out the false binaries we make and uses dancing to answer the questions instead- literally- it ends with my friend Stella filming me dancing on a table. Included in BiNiT UK. 


Desire, 3'37

A vlog I made while visiting friends in Chicago. How do we treat desire - as destructive or a helping hand to get us what and where we want? 

Thoughts While Moving, 5'22

A more experimental vlog that deals with a late night episode of insomnia where I felt extremely creative. Inspired by movement, I literally move through my apartment to discuss selfies, capitalism, friendship, and art. Fairly meta. Screened as part of Does the Moon Have Friends? in 2017. 

Is Being In Love Beautiful?, 5'46

Perhaps a real vlog in the traditional way, I sit down to talk about the politics of being in love and the vulnerability that creates. 


Cosmo Gals & Pals, 4'53

The first official vlog I made- a video about my friends at the time. I wanted to pay tribute to the women and nonbinary people in my life we made me feel cosmicly uplified and beautiful. Watch them as they come alive to Mariah Carey, bad dorm food, and more. Screened at the Dungeon in Spring 2017. 

WOMXN, 19'02

A narrative piece about a nonbinary trans femme who wanders through the woods while contemplating whether or not to transition into becoming a woman- and what that even means. What does a body "mean"? What does it mean to be a woman? Can anyone be a woman? Takes place over three days in the woods. I play the lead but am assisted by Sab Corrine, Stella Shaffer (as a character and cinematographer), and Reilly Gallogly. All trans cast + crew. WOMXN has screened as part of Does the Moon Have Friends?, my thesis show at Indiana University in 2017, and in 2018 at In Strange Loops II, the URI screening of Idle Cosmopolitan, and Cathead Press, in 2019 at In Strange Loops II, and in 2020 as part of "wild geese: films by joshua byron" on