"david", 3:40

 A short, lyrical meditation on the artist David Wojnarowicz that interpolates footage from "Queer Yet Godly", my first film, with footage taken in Indiana and NYC. Music by Clementine Hepburn. 

"the country in every possible kind of light", 3:55

A poetic wandering through love and queerness through the lens of Félix González-Torres, LA, and bicoastal love stories. Featuring music by Clementine Hepburn. 


"Don't Worry", 11:06 

A short narrative film that follows a day in the life of G, a nonbinary person as they fall into reveries about their time with an ex-lover, L, their time in conversion therapy, and the way their friends experienced more traditional forms of love. Cinematography by Anne Cunningham. Sound by Elijah Pogues. Produced by Emily Eckelbarger. Starring myself, Conor Gallagher, Yasmin Carden, Myrrh Crow, Cosimo Pori, Taylor Beals, and Adam Cecil.