Cinema and Media Studies, Indiana University, 2017





You Were Hard 2 Find, The McCalla, Indiana University, Bloomington, US



Does the Moon Have Friends?, Wells Screening Lab, Indiana University, Bloomington, US


wild geese, films by joshua byron, 3/22, Quaran.TV, Online




UEL Laugh, Uel Zing, Bloomington, US

Petal Tears, Curated By Jen Byers, Los Angeles, US  

Art From the Margins, Curated by the IU Feminist Student Association With the Black Student Union, Indiana Memorial Union, Bloomington, US

Indiana University Digital Art Open Studios, Bloomington, US



Poets 4 Unity Reading, Boxcar Books, Bloomington, US

BINiT: YOU ART IS A LOAD OF S**T, Curated by Cowdinsky, The Old Truman Brewery, London, UK

Life Hack, Curated by Elliot Hewgill, South Harrow, UK

Store 2, Babycastles, Manhattan, US

Reading Rainbow Poetry Festival, Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, US


NB Carrie Bradshaw Release Party, Babycastles, Manhattan, US

The People's Elbow Release Party, Rebecca's, Brooklyn, US

In Strange Loops II: This Is Not a Sentence, Paoli, US

The Next Lit Fest, Denver, US

This Is Not a Sentence, Bloomington, US

Open Flame, Brooklyn, US

Open Flame, Brooklyn, US


Slick the Mic, Brooklyn, US

Open Flame, Brooklyn, US

Sup Open Mic, Brooklyn, US

Sincere Hate Release Party, Babycastles, Manhattan, US

Sup Open Mic, Brooklyn, US

Open Flame Housing Works, Manhattan, US

Clouds and Other Louds Poetry Festival, Boston, US


Code/Switch, PH Gallery, Troy/Online, US





NO BULLSHIT, The Fuller Projects, With Rose Harding, Bloomington, US

Parallels Film Festival, Ballantine Hall, With Nzingha Kendall, Bloomington, US

Look In My Eyes: Show Me Your Teeth, Rose’s Place, With Rose Harding, Bloomington, US

Not Quite Sprouts, The McCalla Field, With Rose Harding, Bloomington, US

Dark Parts, The McCalla, With Rose Harding, Bloomington, US

Being Kind, The Dungeon, Bloomington, US

Call Me Back, The Dungeon, Bloomington, US

Lilies + Ashes, The Dungeon, Bloomington, US

Interrogating Beauty: Richard Fung’s Pure Sea/Queer Dirt, Indiana University, With Dr. Terri Francis, Bloomington, US



yay friendship!, The Dungeon, Bloomington, US

Love Isn’t _____, The Dungeon, Bloomington, US

The Last One, The Dungeon, Bloomington, US


Show N Tell, Bluestockings, Manhattan, US

Show N Tell, Textiles Studios IU, Bloomington, US


The Key Word is Video, Love Comes Back, May 31, Online





Indiana University Spring Student Showcase, Indiana University Cinema, Bloomington, US

Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival, Indianapolis Museum of Art, US

Crimson Film Festival, Indiana University Cinema, Bloomington, US



Iris Film Festival, Indiana University Cinema, Bloomington, US

ONION International Film and Screening Festival, The Velvet Union, Bloomington, US

Mini-Film Festival, Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis, US

Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival, Indianapolis Museum Of Art, US

Crimson Film Festival, Indiana University Cinema, Bloomington, US


Idle Cosmopolitan Pop-Up, Bennington College, Bennington, US

Idle Cosmopolian, Plan 9 Video Emporium, Bloomington, US

Idle Cosmopolitan, Canterbury College, Kent, UK

Idle Cosmopolitan, A* Space, Sarah Lawrence College, US


Idle Cosmopolitan, Cathead Press, US

Bloomington Pride Film Festival, Buskirk-Chumley, US

Idle Cosmopolitan, The Homo Hotel, Philadelphia, US

NG2BC Art Opening, New Haven, US

Idle Cosmopolitan & WOMXN Showing, URI Gender & Sexuality, Kingston, US

The Galloway Rooftop Film Festival, Brooklyn, US

Hot Gay Intel, Philadelphia, US


Trans Monogamist Premiere Party, The Phluid Project, Manhattan, US

Hot Gay Intel, Philadelphia, US

Galloway Rooftop Film Festival, Brooklyn, US

Trans Monogamist Finale Party, Babycastles, US

Poetry + Screening Night, Shy's, Brooklyn, US


Anxiety: Short Films, Saturday Screenings, Bloomington, US

Short Film Screening, March 19,, Online

Curated by Tess Wagman, March 26,, Online

Hot Gay Intel, Online Edition

Translations Film Festival, Trans Webisodes, Online/Seattle





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Joanna Valente, 17 Amazing Books & Collections Of 2018


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Curating: Queer Autobiographies, IU Cinema: A Place For Film



Review: DIVIDE by Ed Sheeran, WIUX Blog

"air bend", & Thriving, Glo Worm Press

Casual Dating, Kindness and How Not To Be An Asshole When You Aren't Interested, The Body Is Not An Apology

Trans Monogamist: The First Date, Bushwick Daily

Trans Monogamist: The Hickey, Bushwick Daily

Trans Monogamist: Waiting For That Bad Thing To Happen, Bushwick Daily

"the diary", Water Soup #7, Water Soup Press

Trans Monogamist: What Scares Away Single Men

We Can't Be What We Don't See: Queer Utopias and Cynicism, The Body Is Not An Apology

Unpretty Disruptions, Carribbean Queer Visualities, Written by Dr. Terri Francis With Some Contribution by Me


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Hello, New York, Bushwick Daily

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Normal Guys Have the Upper Hand, Bushwick Daily

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Neurotic Dope: The Glamor of Romantic Longing, Yes Poetry

Neurotic Dope: Between Love Stories, Yes, Poetry

Neurotic Dope: What Comes After Arrival, Yes, Poetry


The Best Art Museums to Take An Artboy You'll Ghost In a Month, Awf Mag


Derek Jarman and David Wojnarowicz, Queer Artmaking and Illness, Entropy Mag

My Arthur Russell & the Stigma of Loneliness, Entropy Mag





NB Carrie Bradshaw, Epigraph Magazine

Sincere Hate, self-published zine




Queer Food Groups, WIUX Blog, Six episodes


The Nonbinary Carrie Bradshaw



An * Denotes Videos Available On Youtube



Queer Yet Godly, 3:15

Pedestrian, 6:10

Lonely Orbits, 9:10

Witch in the Orchard, 10:07



Mountains 2 Climb, 5:18

Mercy, 13:15

Dear men, dear women, 7:35

I’m So Vain, 21:04

You Were Hard To Find, suite of ten videos



WOMXN, 19:02

Series of 6 Vlogs On Youtube (unavailable)

i am a sad but hopeful creature, 5’46

Idle Cosmopolitan, 32'26" across 20 webisodes


Appearance in Sincere Hate, Directed by Emily Eckelberger

Trans Monogamist, with Alfredo Franco and Artless Media*


Don't Worry, 11:36

david, 3:40

the country in every possible kind of light, 3:55

a trap, forthcoming




Ko Projects, Slowly 10, Digital Curation Residency, "dull fangs"

Failure in Chrome, Digital Art Residency, "decaf coffee & artbois"


WUU2?, digital drawing, "Indulgent Masochism: a class"




You Were Hard 2 Find, suite of ten videos


Idle Cosmopolitan

Born 1995, Indiana, USA

Currently based in Brooklyn, NY