Queer Food Groups is a six episode podcast about the nebulous world of queer dating, featuring true stories by my friends and questions by me. Find them all on wiux.org

In their inaugural episode, host Joshua Byron discusses the oftentimes tumultuous First Date. We’ve seen the movies, read the Cosmo articles, listened to Carrie Bradshaw’s hot take, but now it’s time to dig into the queer perspective on the mythic first date.

Featured song “Crawl” by Gabriel Garzón Montano

In their second exploration of queer dating, Joshua Byron explores the importance and usefulness of dating apps. Grindr, Her, Tinder, and more all have their unique flavor. So what makes them so different? Cosmo, Vogue, even the New York Times have chimed on how we’re all casual, sexually-fluid millenials. But are we?

Featured song “aren’t you someone’s something” by Frankie Cosmos

Relationships: who is she? In this week’s episode, Josh discusses their fears, frustrations, and confusions regarding relationships and dating. What makes a good relationship? What’s the worst part about being a pair? They speak to some coupled-up friends for insight into the strange and wondrous realm of partnership.

Featured song “for him.” by Troye Sivan feat. Allday

What does it mean to have it all? From self-help books to more recent gurus like Oprah, we’ve been instructed that having it all means the perfect life. Usually a man, a dog, an apartment, a job, and the kids. Of course, this concept changes for different people over time but how do queer people see having it all? Do they want it all? What is it all? We’ll pretend we know and try and tell you.

Featured song “Yr Heart” by Super Desserts

In the fifth episode of Queer Food Groups, Josh discusses the darker parts of relationships and dating. In the quest for that *one* person, we inevitably run into people who aren’t them. These bumps and bruises color our hearts and can inform how we engage with new loves. So let’s dive in: heartbreak.

In the final episode of Queer Good Groups, Josh sits down with two recurring guests to talk about “What’s Next?” in their own lives. Love, school, Brooklyn, it’s all out there, but who wants what and why? What happens when our future spins wildly out of control and becomes something we can barely understand or manage?

Or do we just settle for getting a plant and naming it Saul?