Salon was a monthly series of pop-up art shows in unexpected places curated by Joshua Byron. Salon saught to include nontraditional art forms of all kinds from as many types of people as possible- artists, nonartists, musicians, filmmakers, painters, internet artists, activists, or perhaps something new altogether! Folks were invited to submit your work even if (especially if) it was slightly outside the mainstream. Each month featured a new loose theme with questions for contributors to consider. 

Salon featured nine exhibitions from May 2016 - March 2017

Find the Facebook events for each of our exhibitions below, installation photos available upon request:

The Last One call + event

Love Isn't___ call + event

yay friendship!! call + event

Lilies + Ashes call + event

Call Me Back call + event

Being Kind call + event

Dark Parts call + event

Not Quite Sprouts call + event

Look In My Eyes : Show Me Your Teeth call + event