Idle Cosmopolitan, Available Now in 20 Short Parts

A ghost story about the Queer World and a relationship advice writer. The piece is very DIY and was made in community and tandem with a lot of trans folks including trans poets Simon Simone Defeo and Prairie M Faul as well as a staffer (Stella Shaffer) for Trans Life Line. This communal effort is a big part of my artist practice and I think shows in the result. On paper the series is about a relationship writer confronting ideas of heteropatriarchy and their own feelings on love who ends up going into "the Queer World" and exploring a sort of mythology that deals with ideas of homonormativity, love, ghosts, and fate. The piece was financed by Artless Media, a film company run out of California by Russell Sheaffer and co-stars Annie Magan, Ben Douglas, Marie Richardson, Milly Cai, and Molly Soda. I could get really poetic here and discuss going to bodegas to get seltzer water, but this is in the words of a Julie 83, "a queer anti-pastoral" or in the words of Les Duffield, "all the mystique of a forest bath without any of the excessive veneer of a promise of transcendence". Religious PhD Student Josie Wenig notes the parallels of "queer monasticism/queer baptisms" in this tweet. This is all a fancy way to say, gender is abstract, spirituality is fluid. See the full cast in crew via the credits, which feature everyone's pronouns at the time of making. 

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